Performance Tracking – intuitive digitalization of construction machinery

Performance Tracking enables you to process even more contracts and construction sites. At a glance, you know the condition of your construction machinery and can draw the right conclusions to work even more profitably. With real-time transfer of engine operating states, maintenance recommendations and alarms, geofencing and over-the-air updates for new features, Performance Tracking helps you get the most out of your construction equipment fleet and experience the benefits of Construction 4.0 in your operations. Thanks to standard interfaces, Performance Tracking can be integrated into any existing fleet management solution. Alternatively, the IoT Dashboard provides an intuitive, browser-based, stand-alone information hub. No additional software or apps are required. There is no easier way to digitalize construction machinery. Even for machinery that is not driven by a Hatz engine.

Performance Tracking makes your fleet management more transparent

Perfect scheduling for construction machinery

Know at any time how your machinery is currently being utilized and respond as needed.

Avoid unplanned machinery downtime

Know in advance when the next maintenance is due and ensure maximum operational readiness.

Prevent theft and third-party use

Know the equipment location at all times and monitor it with geofencing. Missing construction machines are found quickly.

Digitalize construction machines easily

Plug in the IoT module, register it and your construction equipment can be monitored directly from a distance.

Transparent fleet management makes builders happy

Maximize utilization

Information by Performance Tracking helps you make the best use of your construction machinery. You can see at any time where you can improve your scheduling and whether the utilization of your machinery is at its peak. Warnings about upcoming maintenance prevent annoying delays in the construction process.

Performance-based billing models

In addition, the connection of engine information enables performance-based and job-based billing. This makes flat-rate and time-based contracts a thing of the past. For you, this means that you only bill for the actual use of the machinery – and for your customers, that they only pay for what you actually call up in terms of performance. This ensures satisfied customers who are happy to call on your services again – which means more sales.

Detect machinery misuse

Improper and illegal use of construction machinery can also be documented with Performance Tracking. The traceability of machinery usage makes it easier to deal with any contract disputes.

Make the right decisions with the right information

Optimal fleet management of your construction machinery only succeeds if you have the right information in view at all times. Performance Tracking allows you to monitor the following machine and engine data and retrieve service data.

Performance Tracking creates a basis for your decision by providing

  • Engine status data

  • Engine speed/productivity data

  • Operating hours

  • Fuel consumption

  • Location of the machinery’s last position via GPS

  • Maintenance schedules and preventive alerts

  • Contact information for the nearest service workshop

  • Display of necessary maintenance kits

Your benefits

  • Reduced service demand due to optimum machine operation

  • Machines used in a targeted, effective and customer-oriented manner

  • Increased profitability of your fleet

What do you need to use Performance Tracking?

The prerequisite in order to receive this decision-relevant information is the Hatz IoT module and a suitable contract. The connection can be realized for electronically controlled engines – both for Hatz drive solutions and from third-party manufacturers. The standardized CAN network protocols are used for this purpose.

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