Hatz Digital Solutions:
The Boost For Equipment Efficiency

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking provides you with structured information about your machines and thus improves your profitability. Real-time transfer of engine operating states, backup measures and over-the-air updates for new functionalities make it possible. An IoT module, a data interface and a browser-based dashboard are used for this purpose. Your Hatz engine thus becomes an indispensable data provider for your optimized planning.

Key Features of our Digital Solutions

Status information

All essentials about the engine at a glance.


Which engines are in use and where is a spare machine if needed?


Is the equipment being used optimally? How many of the engines are running?

Maintenance Planning

When is the next maintenance due? Which maintenance parts are needed?

Error code

Direct display of error codes with short description.


Support for localization of machines. No more searching!


Indicates unauthorized use and restricts machine theft.


Information transfer via defined AEMP 2.0 interface.

Hatz IoT Dashboard

Browser-based center for information.

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Hatz - Specialist for Industrial Engines

Hatz is a globally active independent specialist for 1- to 4-cylinder diesel engines. Our diesel engines are used in all areas of application, for example in construction machinery, compressors, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, gensets, overhead and material handling vehicles, and ships. Hatz develops and manufactures diesel engines in a power range from 1.5 to 64 kW.

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