Robust telematics hardware for reliable fleet management 

The more strain the machinery is under, the more robust the hardware components need to be. That is why our IoT modules are rated for IP67 and IP69K protection and an additional battery, ensuring that the operating data of your engines and machinery is reliably transferred to your fleet management system at all times.

Hatz IoT module - Our intelligent data provider

With the Hatz IoT module, you’re always on the safe side. The IoT module is easy to hook up to the engine via CAN and can be connected to Hatz Digital Solutions in no time. The data can be integrated into your existing fleet management system in a user-friendly way via a standard interface. Making engines digitally transparent has never been easier.

Features of the module

  • Cache memory for data backup in case of poor network coverage

  • Backup battery (Lithium-ion battery incl. battery heater) protects against failure of the IoT module

  • FCC- and CE-compliant

  • Protection class IP67 or IP69K for robust use under harshest conditions

  • Geopositioning: GNSS receiver supports various satellite systems for reliable global positioning

  • Voltage supply: 12, 24 V DC

  • CAN-FD capable interfaces with J1939/UDS/KWP2000

  • Motion sensor

  • 2 digital/analog outputs

  • 2 digital/analog inputs

Cloud access in all conditions

The Hatz IoT module is designed for the most adverse environmental conditions and the most demanding applications. With IP67 and IP69K protection, nothing stands in the way of use on vibrating plates, in mining or in agricultural machinery. It doesn’t matter whether the construction site, field or mine is located in the cold of Siberia or the heat of the Sahara. The IoT module won’t let you down and will securely transfer your data to the cloud and to your fleet management system.  

Encrypted data transfer and servers in Germany ensure maximum integrity and security for the operating data of your engines and machinery. The Hatz IoT module is the reliable digitalization partner for your construction and agricultural machinery.

Hatz - Specialist for industrial engines

Hatz is a globally active independent specialist for 1- to 4-cylinder. Our diesel engines are used in all areas of application, for example in construction machinery, compressors, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, gensets, overhead and material handling vehicles, and ships. Hatz develops and manufactures diesel engines in a power range from 1.5 to 64 kW.

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